EverFX: don’t mess

EVERFX Global is a dangerous structure that attracts customers with a promise of income of 33,500 rubles a day using trading signals and a robot for successful trading (Opera Systems bizzare ad).

This is a fraudulent advertisement where actors Alexey Shtykov and Alexander Novikov are shot under the guise of real businessmen.

Company operates approximately the same scheme as CapitalXP, Dekocorp, Titan Pro 500, MarketsSoft, Maxitrade etc.

The site claims to have full regulation (Cayman Islands), promise free access to analytical tools, free educational materials, balance sheet protection, competitive spreads — in general, there are many beautiful words that can convince a sucker who does not understand anything in financial markets, try to trade.

Подписывайтесь на телеграм-канал Вкладер и потом не говорите, что вас не предупреждали: https://t.me/vklader.

It is said that the site is owned and operated by ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited, registration number CR-326096, which is registered at Artemis House, Fort Street, KY1-1111, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The same information in English: “EverFX is a tradename of ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited. ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited is authorized and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), license no. 1444866. EVERFX Global is a tradename of ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited. Artemis House, Fort Street, KY1-1111, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 001345769307. »

They also claim that “EverFX offers a range of unique benefits. Our customers receive the best trading conditions, including the latest technology, transparent reporting, comprehensive information about the depth of the market. ZuluTrade is a world leader among online platforms providing online mirror trading services. Choose any of the number of successful traders among representatives of more than 192 countries, and repeat its transactions automatically using simple tools. ”

Well, the result for those who transfer money is usually sad.

Read the reviews of Russian clients of this kitchen:

I have a negative experience with EverFX. The company DOES NOT WITHDRAW money under any pretext. They put forward a bunch of conditions for withdrawal, even in violation of the agreement with the client. This may be the requirement to provide additional documents, suspicions regarding you as a terrorist, etc. You will have to make excuses for any reason. My advice to you — do not mess with this company.

EverFX — This is a lie! Those support stopped responding as soon as they found out that I want to withdraw the entire deposit although the amount is miserable only $ 350. I have been waiting for an answer for a month now, I send requests regularly 1-2 times a week.

Before you decide to give money to these ***, read real reviews about EverFX, and also look for stories where deceived people tell their sad mushrooms with these ***, and then decide whether to work or not!

I traded EUR / USD through EverFX, closed the order two weeks ago with a big plus (although I still had to keep it open) — I decided to withdraw money, the application has been hanging for 2 weeks, the support is silent … It’s a shame. But judging by the reviews of EverFX, I will not withdraw my money soon …

an application for withdrawal of funds weighs already a month, it turns out the company is throwing people, that’s because I needed money urgently, I have been waiting for a whole month!

Good bug:
terrible slippage, already regretted 300 times that he had contacted this kitchen! If someone reads my message, hear my cry. Run away from them! Do not mess with them! There are an incredible number of honest brokers, even if you take the rating that is presented on the site, there is plenty to choose from! First places are not in vain first!

My friends attracted me! i believed it! And now we are sitting together and racking our brains on how to get our money back from an office called EverFX.