FINMAX FX: they hide their faces

Подписывайтесь на телеграм-канал Вкладер и потом не говорите, что вас не предупреждали:

Victor Yurkovsky warns people about FINMAX FX:

This is a Scam company.They don’t have licenses from any regulator.Their licenses are completely fake. Don’t believe a word they say. July 26, 2019. Reset the Deposit to $ 10500.

They hide their faces. They will not let you earn 100%.

Ask them to show their faces (they hide them very carefully).

They are prohibited from operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Don’t believe them, warn people!!!

Finmax FX: лохотрон, не связывайтесь!

Тинькофф дарит 1000 рублей тем, кто оформит дебетовую карту.