Words and deeds of Dmitry Kaminskiy

On April 26, 2016 Bank of Russia revoked the license of Interactive Bank (iBank.ru), because of a real threat to the interests of creditors and depositors.
Interactive Bank placed money in low-quality assets; the credit organization has been involved in questionable operations, including transit operations.

Losses of the private depositors will be covered by the state Agency for deposits insurance.

That’s unbelievable, but in September 2015 the investor of Interactive Bank (iBank.ru) Dmitry Kaminskiy (Kaminsky) was saying:

«Russia will become a laboratory for iBank Global. Here in the next six months we will collect the most powerful IT-team in Russia not only in Internet banking, but also in general fintech. We will make this fintech team one of the strongest in the world. The bank will have three active supervisory boards: the scientific board, fintech board and financial board.

They will motivate the bank’s employees to work as in Space X or Tesla — 100 hours a week, 15 hours a day. The people who will work in the iBank team in IT-Innovation, will work this way. We have absorbed all the positive elements that exist in Google, Space X, Tesla, AliBaba and Baidu corporate culture, and carried them to the bank. We introduce the most advanced and effective methods of organization»
Source in Russian.

Kaminskiy is also known as a partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures and «a moldovan oligarch».

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