🤷‍♀️ Scam letter from «wife of late Michael Jaharis»

My name is Mary Jaharis, wife of late Michael Jaharis, American lawyer, businessman and philanthropist. My Late Husband was the founder of Kos Pharmaceuticals and Vatera Healthcare Partners LLC, and co-founder of Arisaph Pharmaceuticals. I have given all I have and can to my children, those close to me including my caretakers and other charity organizations except for a total stranger, which brings me to you.

My late husband and I have an insured private investment account with a private investment bank containing the sum of $9,630,000.00 U.S Dollars and I want to transfer the ownership of the account over to you if you are capable of handling the international wire transfer procedure.

The investment account is currently dormant due to my health conditions, I was not able to operate the account for a very long time, leaving the account in the current dormant state.

If you are capable of handling the investment account reactivation fee ($1,200 U.S Dollars), then all you have to do is forward this email to my attorney, she is already aware of my decision and will assist you with the change of ownership procedure.

Barbra Jones
Legal Financial Solicitor, Banking & Financial Institutions, Commercial Finance, Litigation

Please Note:

You do not have to pay my attorney for her legal services, that has already been taken care off.

Due to my health conditions, this is the only email you may receive from me and this email will be sent to you by one of my caretakers on my behalf.

As shocking and strange as all this may feel or seem, I don’t want you to be alarmed and If you choose not to accept my offer, I understand, the investment account will be terminated and funds repossessed by the bank as I have no one else to give this but you.

Thank You and Remain Safe.
Mary Jaharis.

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