LBLV: how Ronaldinho advertises a scam

Can a football star advertise outright crooks?


The Brazilian Ronaldinho, the 2002 world champion, the best soccer player of the world in 2004 and 2005, the player of Barcelona, ​​PSG and Milan, now advertises the LBLV scam, which breeds Russians, Ukrainians and others, promising gold mountains on exchange-traded «investments».

The Ukrainian regulator has already recognized LBLV as a scam, the broker is blacklisted, but continues to breed unsuspecting populations by phone.

LBLV is the next in the chain of scams Trade12, Hqbroker, Mxtrade, Vertex ETF. All these scams operated from the territory of Ukraine. There is already a lot of negative information about them and there are even criminal cases, and now a new brand has appeared, supposedly with a good reputation.

Affected Elena:

— I will tell my very instructive story of working with their previous scam. It was called Trade12. But they created a new one, and now it is called LBLV BROKER. But it’s not the point, all the same, only one thing awaits all investors — the loss of money with two clicks of fingers.

A young man allegedly from Germany called my phone and introduced himself as an employee of the company. He persistently offered to trade with their company, and advertised it. To my answer that I do not understand anything about trading on the exchange, he said that I myself would not have to trade, that the company would provide me with an analyst who would say which deals I should open.

In general, after much talk and persuasion, checking reviews about the company (there were no bad reviews on the Internet at that time), I decided to register and replenished my account with $ 100. A few days later my analyst allegedly called me from a Canadian number.

This analyst called 10-12 times a month, and under his dictation, I opened transactions on the MT4 platform, which technical support installed for me. Almost all transactions were a plus, and I decided to fund my account for a large amount and the total investment amounted to $ 10,235.

The analyst periodically called and persuaded to replenish the account more and more. But I refused.

Then once he said that it was necessary to withdraw at least 500 dollars, supposedly for statistics, I said that I did not want to withdraw so far, but he insisted very much, I withdrew.

Once we opened two deals with him, which left a total of minus about $ 5,000. I was going through. He reassured that the world market allegedly dipped, and we will wait until it recovers, after a while he put a lock on one of the deals.

Transactions were in the red for about a month, when I decided to check the reviews about this broker again.

I was horrified when I saw the plum stories and decided to close the deal. When I closed them, the amount that I invested was left on the account: 9735 and about $ 600 on top. I put my money (without their $ 600) to withdraw, but they gave me only $ 1,500 to withdraw. The rest of the money is not withdrawn under various pretexts. The first pretext was that I supposedly have a contract with a liquidity provider, and I have to work out 150 lots, the second is that the company provided me a loan ($ 2,500). Although under the signed agreement, the company does not have any right whatsoever not to withdraw my own funds, except for the bonus or profit received from the bonus. From which the conclusion suggests itself that the company intentionally does not withdraw money.

Elena lists what should alert you when trying LBLV and other similar offices to get your money.

1. The broker does not have a regulator and license in the CIS countries

2. Registered in the offshore zone (LBLV in Seychelles)

3. On the market for no more than a year, which means it has not been tested by time

4. The offer agreement that you sign, putting only one tick agree, completely in English, and many, like me, do not delve into what they sign. Artful manipulation and no fraud.

5. They themselves call your phones, take them is not clear where and impose their services

6. Constantly pressuring you, forcing or luring to replenish the deposit more and more, even comes to threats. They are very arrogant. Friendly at the beginning of the work, then how the wolves intimidate and psychologically crush.

7. You have never seen an alleged analyst calling in person or in general none of this company. All names are fictitious and they do not show faces.

8. All positive reviews on the network are fake, they are very easy to buy.

By the way, scam Trade12 was advertised by boxer Mike Tyson.

It looked like this:

Tell your gullible parents and friends to save money.

But what is the right way to choose a forex broker?

The correct answer: no way. Even if the broker is not a crook and honestly withdraws money, most likely you will lose the investment.

Unless you are a genius, of course.

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