Scam Watford Corporation

Scam Watford Corporation

Watford Corporation исчез с деньгами буратин, на сайте вывесив сообщение от якобы регулятора. А мы предупреждали ещё в январе.

На сайте лохотрона теперь висит следующий текст:

The Securities and Exchange Commission
To the Securities and Exchange Commission it seems that the public interest and Investor protection requires the suspension of trading in securities. Inc. («Watford LLC») out of concerns about the adequacy and accuracy of publicly available information about Watford LLC, including its financial condition and operations, if any, in light of the lack of stock listing on the NASDAQ communications service issuer whose share price has risen during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Commission believes that the public interest and investor protection demand the suspension of trading in the securities of the above company. THEREFORE, ORDERED in accordance with Section 12 (k) of the Stock Exchange. Law of 1934, according to which trading in the securities of the above company is suspended.

Scam Watford Corporation

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