Spam from the scammers: «I was able to recover my funds»

This company refused to grant my withdrawals. I called and mailed them but they refused to response. I I deposited 67000USD with them and mad ea profits of 89000USD . I asked for a withdrawal and they refused. I was only able to get back my money from them when I reached out to a recovery company adamwilson. trading {at} consultant. com/What’sapp +1870- 345- 7937 and I am glad I have all my initial investments back now.

Публикации в этой рубрике делают посетители сайта Вкладер через специальную форму. Просто заполните два поля без регистрации. В заголовке — суть, имя, название, а в тексте — подробности. Можно также прикрепить иллюстрацию. https://vklader.com/vash-post/

⛔ Чёрный список юристов [и отзывы]

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