Queen Museum in Montreux (33 photos)

Queen recorded a total of seven albums at Mountain Studios in Montreux, which the band owned between 1979 and 1996, including the final album Made in Heaven.
Queen — The Studio Experience is located in the original Mountain Studios, part of the Casino Barrière de Montreux, and charts the band’s association with the studios, their personal relationship with the Swiss town, and the albums that were written and recorded there.
The control room has not been changed since the days when Queen worked here. The only thing that has been replaced is the original Neve desk. In its place is a reproduction of the original, which allows visitors to make their own re-mix of some of the Queen classics. Many of the fixtures and sound equipment remain exactly as they were when owned by the band.
The exhibition includes photos and memorabilia from the band’s personal archives and in the Made in Heaven Room visitors will be able to stand in the exact same spot where Freddie recorded his last song.
Queen had already released six albums and conquered the globe when they came to Mountain Studios in July 1978 for the first time to begin recording their seventh album, Jazz.
The band quickly discovered that Montreux offered respite form the glare of media attention, allowing them to write and record in relative peace.
When the members of the band returned to Montreux in 1978 to do post-production on the live album Live Killers, they decide to purchase the studios.
David Richards was the resident producer and engineer at Mountain Studios at the time. He was to become a trusted friend and associate producer of many of their subsequent albums.
«The very first time I met them was when they came to make the Jazz album here. They were working with their whole crew and they had Roy Thomas Baker engineering, I just met them very briefly- That was when they decided to buy the studio as well, so I suddenly became under new employment.
I had new bosses Queen.»
David Richards
Queen’s purchase of the studios cemented a relationship between the band and Montreux that was to last until the present day.



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