Мошенники представляются как Security Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC) и Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

«Я отправляю вам электронное письмо, которое я получил от какой-то компании. Они уверяют меня, что могут вернуть мне деньги от фальшивого брокера. Подскажите пожалуйста, это очередной развод или опять мошенничество?»

Liquidation Provision Request

Blockchain © as representative of the finance department, Peter Smith in the field of the international stock exchange, along with Security Investors Protection Corporation under the name of Josephine Wang, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation under the name of Sandra L.Thompson and New York State Banking Department under the name of Richard H.Neiman; undertakes and hereby approve to **** citizen of CROATIA, and trading account number #189340 along with MetaTrader account which is Regulated by Federal Law System of United States of America, that:

Based on Bitcoin Features Contract Number: NFPBTC55499 Open Price at the moment : 0.0 USD per 0 Bitcoin Invested Amount from bank, England: 25,148.00 USD Net Profits Based on trade number #189340: 25,148.00 USD Support Level of trade #189340 from Financial Institute Trading Account #189340 Final Balance: 25,148.00 USD Blocked Amount to the BINANCE BTC 25,148.00 USD
Due to pending liquidity provision: 25,148.00 USD/ 0.39 BTC

NOTICE: due to Federal Anticorruption and Anti money laundering Law Of United States of America and United Kingdom, Required action from your side for mirror transaction, you need to send the amount of 270.00 USD of the expected amount equivalent 25,148.00 USD from the receiving account to your wallet account to Blockchain wallet mentioned below. This transaction is needed for complete the transaction. Hereby mentioned amount must be paid for unblocked the amount which is under review due to required action.
Our Services are offered through one or more subsidiaries of Blockchain Luxembourg S.A. By using the Services, you
understand that your Personal Data may be used by one of the following entities (each, a “Controller”): Blockchain Access
UK Ltd.;and Blockchain Luxembourg S.A. You may contact our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) by email at dpo@blockchain.com


Это мошенники. Блокчейн это таблица, она не возвращает деньги, как и сайт blockchain.com.



С 2014 года предупреждаем о мошенниках. Проект спас миллионы людей. Подпишитесь на наш телеграм-канал с 20 тысячами подписчиков.

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