Мошенники представляются как World Financial Regulator и Legal Consulting

Жулики шлют письмо от несуществующего Всемирного финансового регулятора, в котором сказано, что жертве надо сотрудничать с несуществующей же юридической фирмой Legal Consulting.

Текст письма такой:


Dear Mr. Anatolij Lukasevic

We would like to notify you that your case is in the department for financial regulation and supervision at the terminal № 19138835 in the World Financial Regulator (WFR).

The entire process of conducting and supporting your case is transferred to the legal company Legal Consulting (protocol № 782/873).

Legal Consulting confirmed a financial crime against an individual according to Regulation
№ 579/210, this means that the company Euro Trust LTD does not currently have access to a blocked account, and all rights to the assets are currently available to the rightful account owner Anatolij Lukasevic (19184255) the amount that belongs to is 3, 41 BTC-160 715 Euros (One hundred sixty thousand seven hundred fifteen euros).

Formal request to seize your assets from company Legal Consulting. The refund process takes from 0 to 3 business banking hours. All additional information has been transferred to your legal entity.

We are glad to cooperate with you!




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